Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tonight's game..

So in just over an our it's Holland v Uraguay in the semi finals of the World Cup..
There's many players playing tonight who United have either had before and got rid of or have been linked with..
Diego Forlan- didnt do particularly well.. infact it was quite bad. However, he's banging them in for both club and country and is certainly in the shout for one of the best strikers in the world atm.

Wesley Sneijder - Have been linked with him numerous times and if he ever came to United (i hope!) then he could easily transform our team

Arjen Robben - Why did we not pick him up along with Sneijder when we sold Ronaldo? What happens next? They both make it to the final of the Champions league with seperate clubs.. did we miss a great oppurtunity here?

Anyways, back to tonight, it should be a great game and many are picking Holland as favourites but tbh anyone getting this far can do anything in a semi final..

My prediction Holland 2-1 Uraguay after extra time.. This should be a cracker!

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